February 2015

The Peterborough TV project joins forces with Hereward Media, and the two operations are merged. This comes about from a chance encounter via a Twitter search!

Alex Geairns was looking to seed the Hereward Media Twitter account with various businesses from around the area, in the first concerted effort to raise awareness of the project and what it was trying to achieve. The search uncovered "Peterborough TV", which immediately set Alex looking for more information, and discovered the website for the project which had very much the same objectives as those for Hereward Media.

A couple of emails, a couple of phone calls, and a meeting later, and it was realised there was no point having two organisations looking to achieve the same things. An immediate merger was proposed and put into place.

As Hereward Media had the stronger brand, and was more encompassing in geography than just Peterborough, as well as being a name with a broadcasting tradition in the region, it was decided to go forward with the Hereward name as a basis.

Meanwhile, The Willow Festival agree to allow Hereward Television to broadcast live from their Peterborough events.