August 2014

Plans begin in earnest for Peterborough TV, a proposal for Local TV to serve the city. A website is set up which features a promotional video to explain the concept and encourage participation.

July 2015

Following a very swift negotiation, Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival agrees to Hereward Television broadcasting live from their event in August.

September 2014

At the annual conference of the Community Media Association, there is much talk of “Local TV” alongside the more traditional focus of Community Radio.

August 2015

Hereward Media incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee, the nature of which means all profits must be reinvested in the company and its objectives.

October 2014

The concept of the Hereward Academy, with the ancillary outputs feeding into Hereward Television via Hereward Media as the vehicle, is formulated.

October 2015

The first grant applications are submitted to potential supporters. Plans were now in a sufficiently developed state to believe Hereward Media has what funders would be looking for.

December 2014

Hereward Media and Hereward Television logos created by There are more layers to the design than many appreciate - for instance the choice of its three colours.

December 2015

This month marks the beginning of a series of introductory “Discovery Evenings” to Hereward Television , taking place in the coming months all around our anticipated broadcast footprint.

January 2015

The first website for Hereward Media goes live at - it showcases the aims of the project, those involved, and encourages people to get in touch to reister their interest.

January 2016

Discussions begin with the Charity Commission in order to ensure Hereward Media will best serve its geographical area, and define which beneficiaries should be targeted.

February 2015

The Peterborough TV project joins forces with Hereward Media, and the two operations are merged. This comes about from a chance encounter via a Twitter search!

February 2016

The first version of the Hereward Media Business Plan is published, bringing together all the necessary information about the project into one publication, ideal for potential sponsors and donors.

March 2015

Virgin Media agree in principle to carry Hereward Television in advance of being awarded a licence for Freeview broadcasting. This represents a major cornerstone in the station's strategy.

July 2016

Hereward Media (Peterborough) Ltd is granted registered charity status by the Charity Commission. This means that new grants can be applied for, and it very much represents a seal of approval.

June 2015

Hereward Media establish communications with Comux and Canis Media Limited, looking to work together to further broadcasting angles for Hereward Television.

September 2016

The new website goes live. This resource is useful in further refining our proposition for our defined target audiences as we seek to bnng all our efforts to fruition.