Working alongside the Directors of the company limited by guarantee, who also serve as the Charity Trustees, are a group of between four and 13 "Business Trustees" on a Steering Committee. The specifications of these appointments have been defined, and are as follows:

Training Consultant

An individual with a background in working with disadvantaged groups. A potential candidate currently works with the Prison Service.


This should be an individual with experience both in broadcast and online environments, potentially with grounding in "citizen journalism". They should have an overview of content from weather to travel, consumer affairs to local governance. Paul Stainton of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire has been appointed to this role.

Standards for Broadcast Engineering

We are looking for accreditation of the training courses we offer, offering a modular structure, so the individual is likely to have worked on designing courses for BTEC and/or City and Guilds recognition. It may well be this individual has membership of one of the various broadcasting skills guilds. They might be working with De Montfort or Anglia Ruskin Universities at present. This individual should be able to give direction to the contents of our training syllabus..

Customer and Community Relations

This individual should have an overview of a wide net of skills, including Reception and Front-of-House, achieving buy-in from cultural and interest-related community segments, and encouraging engagement by companies with our community media services. It is possible this individual might be an employee of a Council.

Business and Leisure Consultant

Someone with connections to sport and/or leisure within the Peterborough community. They should be able to assist in embedding Hereward Media within the infrastructure and business plans of various participating organisations.

Legal Consultant

A lawyer or solicitor, preferably with some knowledge of broadcast law, media agreements, trademarks, and dealing with any potential litigation brought against Hereward Media.

Government and Statutory Compliance Adviser

The expertise in liaising with Ofcom and other relevant Government department and advisers, working with them to ensure compliance, and devising solutions to obstacles and barriers.

Arts and Culture Consultant

A background in history and/or the arts, able to engage Hereward Media with various potential content creators (e.g., local documentary film-makers and programme producers; historical, arts and cultural events; and clubs and societies with formats and subject matter to tap into).

Human Resources Specialist

An expert in such things as procurement, DBS checks, volunteer safety, pensions, required recording systems, etc.

Broadcast Advertising

Expertise in identifying what it is that prospective advertisers and partners require from a broadcast service, and how to frame the marketing and sales pitches for what is on offer to achieve the best possible revenue generation.

Marketing Strategist

An expert in social media, email and internet-based communications, as well as graphic design. A consultant to provide advice on corporate identity issues, branding, marketing collateral creation, and enhancing the image and reputation of Hereward Media. The individual should also have experience of harnessing the power of new media frontiers, as a consequence raising Hereward TV’s profile, and making our communications as impactful and cost-effective as possible.

Broadcast Administration

Someone familiar with skills such as scheduling, format creation, collecting audience feedback and the logistics of production (e.g., release forms, music and video copyright clearances, PRS, etc).