David Johnson

Role: Service Director
Mission Impossible Alter Ego: Willy Armitage

David has been a keen amateur film maker, based in the Fenland region of the Hereward TV broadcast area for several years. This has been mainly with local directors in the Sawston area, and with 20Twenty Productions in March - a community arts organisation. He has been involved with script writing, camera work and editing.

David provided most of the video coverage of the live music during the Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival for the launch week of Hereward Television last year. He has also been involved with other festivals during 2015.  He filmed a Victorian murder mystery set in Cambridge, and has written the screenplay for a World War 2 drama focused on evacuees living in the Fenland area. It receives its world premiere in January 2016.

David is currently in the Royal Air Force having served almost 22 years, with nine years as a professional photographer.