Developing a marketing strategy for Hereward Media which best serves our beneficiaries

Alex J Geairns

We are looking to develop a marketing strategy which is consistent with our niche. This means taking care to ensure we demonstrate the training of our beneficiaries is our priority, and that the TV Station which comes about through their course work has social value.


Advertising may take place in its traditional paid-for format, but as we are also a Registered Charity we will certainly consider quid pro quo approaches which will be symbiotic for both parties.

For instance, local newspapers and magazines will be offered our television schedule free of charge - this gives them content as well as a benefit to customers. We will not be looking to publish our own listings magazine, and therefore there is a competitive advantage to both sides in having such an arrangement. Print media benefits from an incentive for their publications to be purchased, while Hereward Television is able to promote its existence and content.

We will endeavour to be present for significant events and Festivals across our region, broadcasting live. We will also look to be seen in and around the centre of Peterborough and other conurbations across our region, rather than always being in our studios.

One promotional activity will also include running a competition to create an animal character to be one of the facets of Hereward Television's output for children. This character will then have a format devised around it, with 'cuddly toys' of it made available for sale (revenue generation) as well as for competition prizes. We will also be considering getting a licence for TV characters from the 1960s and 1970s who have fallen down the 'memory hole', but can still be relevant and entertaining today.

We will launch a new programme of 'Discovery Evenings' across our region, enhancing them by the inclusion of presenter auditions, the chance to pitch formats to our production teams, and live broadcasts from pubs, clubs, and other venues. Our main target in these is always to secure beneficiaries to receive training, particularly from the key groups we wish to serve.

We want to project the image that we are fun, approachable and inclusive. We wish to establish with our beneficiaries that they truly believe we are 'the station you can really call your own'. Our logo is already designed and in use on business cards, letters and leaflets. Our logo will be prominent widely around the areas of the public-facing floors of the studios and across the complex where we will be based.

We will build on our email mailing list and ensure that we issue a regular newsletter, initially monthly before moving to weekly, informing about our forthcoming training courses and new additions to our schedules. We will also look to be included within online TV listings websites.

Promotional Collateral

There will be a budget for promotional giveaways - keyrings, badges (both budget and premium), fridge magnets, car stickers, posters, memory sticks, mugs, pens, etc. Sponsors will be sought for specific items in addition to this, which will publicise both parties.


We intend to finance Hereward Television via a mix of grants from various providers, contributions from philanthropist companies, organisations and individuals, and advertising and partnership spends by local businesses and national brands.

Elements of the business requiring finance will be priced as individual projects, allowing a 15% margin for contingency over the actual cost, and giving each element a specific title which can be used by the individual or business making the contribution in their own advertising and marketing initiatives.

Our advertising marketing will be based on making television advertising spots available - from as little as £500 per month.  This creates a 'cost per thousand' in line with other advertising outlets in the region.

Partnerships on programmes will be based on extra costs over and above the provision of the studio facilities (e.g., new items of stage set, titles and graphics, music licensing, additional equipment required, etc). A margin of 25% over the cost price for these elements will be added, to be invested in the fixed costs of the Hereward Media operation.

We aim to have a customer service based on the striking of a balance between the needs of our advertisers and partners and the needs of the training provision. We will look to ensure that all sides benefit from working together.

Proposed Location

Our beneficiaries will be well served from the central location of our premises, with excellent access via public transport - including buses and trains. Considerable parking will be available nearby. There will be a requirement for disabled access to all floors. This ensures our facility is as inclusive as possible, excluding no-one from being able to become involved.

Beneficiaries will be able to use the facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We aim to provide a broadcast media centre very much in line with the professional image Hereward Television wishes to portray.

Distribution Channels

Our Television service will initially be online, with the goal to be broadcasting on Virgin Media by Summer 2017, BT TV and TalkTalk during Spring 2018, and on Freeview by Autumn 2018.