Provisional list of training courses to be made available by Hereward Media

Alex J Geairns

This is a provisional directory of training courses, and will be under constant review as the structure and content of these modules is refined in response to feedback received from participants. There is also a Foundation module with an overview of all the skills involved.

Writing, websites and media skills

Writing for the web
Using pictures on the web
The basics of HTML coding
Creating feature stories
Rules for research
Advertising your content
Citizen journalism
Media Studies for Beginners
History of UK Broadcasting
Word Processing
News Releases - How to write them, how to use them
Content Management Systems for websites
Social Media, broadcasting and promotion
Health and Safety in the Studio Workplace

Audio Training

Radio rules from Ofcom
Interviewing Techniques
Running Mixing Desks
Myriad and other Playout Systems
Researching a Guest
Pre-recording Your Show
Radio Outside Broadcasts
Scripting a Radio Show
Radio Editing
Audio recording
Using microphones
The UK Radio Landscape (including advertising)
Conducting phone-ins (including Skype)

Video Training

Television Presentation
Vision Mixing
Sound recording and editing
Developing Formats for Television
Camera techniques
TV Outside Broadcasts
Video Editing
Video Graphics
Scripted Television
Principles of Music Television
TV rules from Ofcom
Working to a Budget for Film
The UK Television Landscape (including advertising)