Question 3. What is Local TV?

Local TV is exactly what it says - designed for much smaller reception areas than were seen even in the days when ITV had very distinct regions such as Anglia, Central and Yorkshire. These broadcasters had slots within their schedules described as 'regional opt-outs', where shows designed just for their transmission areas would be screened. Local TV is a new development, first conceived in 2011 by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, which will see more programmes produced in the areas they are being broadcast to, by new companies set up to bring local stations nearer to their audiences again.

So far, broadcast regulator Ofcom has awarded 34 Local TV licences for Freeview broadcasting across the UK, the method used for reception by 76% of the population. We want to make sure our region does not miss out on exploring this new frontier, which sees these channels in England take up Channel 7 on Freeview. We are also continuing our campaign of lobbying the advisers to regulators to consider granting a broadcasting licence to our service.