Video, audio and internet form the triangle of Hereward prospectus

Through the ancillary outputs from Hereward Television, Hereward Media is all about training and engaging the communities of Peterborough and the Fenlands.

Through the training in the skills of broadcasting, on both the visual and audio side of production, as well as working on a website geared to local news, the Hereward Media project will benefit the community in many ways.

We will provide the beneficiaries of our catchment area with the opportunity to further themselves via our skills training, encouraging good citizenship as people can communicate more widely, enabling enhanced social inclusion via the prolific platforms of television and the internet.

We aim to have the television service going live as much as possible. The channel will be established first via online broadcasts, and then Virgin Media, BT TV and TalkTalk, with Freeview to follow by 2018.

We will create and maintain a Media Resource Centre for the public benefit which teaches high-tech skills, in particular those linked with information technology, broadcasting and social skills, much sought-after by employers, thereby creating employment opportunities and providing networking for diverse sections of the Peterborough conurbation and greater Fenlands.

This centre will be promoted and grown as an inclusive meeting place, which will be considered by citizens from many diverse backgrounds to be helpful in connecting them with their local community, helping tackle social exclusion across all ages and within all cultures. It will offer access to training for adults (in particular the over-50s), teenagers and children in audio and video production and editing, presentation, script writing, public relations, marketing, citizen journalism and research. All these skills are transferable to other careers, and will help to address the high-tech skills shortages which are present across the UK.

Our output goals are to be:

  • training 25 volunteers during 2017;
  • 75 volunteers during 2018; and
  • 100 volunteers during 2019;

with at least 35% of our courses receiving official accreditation.

We will keep track of the success of our graduates, highlighting the success stories amongst these volunteers, and carry out satisfaction surveys, aiming for 80% positive feedback.

We will deliver these objectives by securing from Ofcom licences to broadcast on Virgin Media, BT TV and TalkTalk, and then a Local TV licence for Freeview.

Our project milestones are to be broadcasting on Virgin Media by Autumn 2017, BT TV and TalkTalk by Spring 2018, and broadcasting on Freeview by Spring 2019.

These mechanisms will allow us to promote our training as widely as possible, while at the same time giving pride to our beneficiaries via their project work being seen by their local community.

Our directory of training courses will be responsive to the feedback from our community. Some subject areas will have a greater demand, and we will accommodate such requirements within our course schedules. The timing of course provisions, specifically their availability during the week, will be geared to the needs of our beneficiaries.

We will also ensure that course content is up-to-date, taking account of the latest technological developments. Our approach to training will be modular, allowing those being trained to take part in as much as their available time allows.  As a rough idea of course hours, we anticipate that the Foundation Modules will take around 20 hours of tutor time, with around 10 hours of research required by those taking the courses on top.

With the more specialist modules, we are looking at around 30 hours of course time with around 20 hours of further research. These will be supplemented by actual hands-on experience in our studios, or on our internet terminals.

Most courses will be free of charge, but we will also have a fee structure for provision of courses to employers, which can come into their own in such areas as team building, and addressing the needs for relevant skills within an already established workforce. 

A directory of proposed course modules can be found at the HEREWARD MEDIA COURSE LIST PAGE.